Gabriel Vicéns is a jazz musician and painter from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico based in New York City. He earned both his Bachelor's and Master's in Jazz Studies and is one of the most respected figures in the jazz scene. Vicéns is interested in producing art influenced by his inspirations in Abstract Expressionism, Lyrical Abstraction and COBRA, turning out exciting contemporary works that are unique to him.

"Painting and drawing have always been a part of my life and another way of expressing myself. I feel that what I can't say with music, I say in my paintings. I practice the art of improvisation in my works, creating figures that are related to each other by space and movement and then carefully choosing colors to create emotional and thoughtful compositions. I really don't know what's going to happen until the end of a painting. For me, it's always a mystery, and that's the way I like it."